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You have an old die casting machine which you want to sell, or you want to buy a second hand machine? You are in the right place!

Die Casting Machine Service

Our company has many years of experience in different kind of cold or warm, horizontal or vertical chamber die casting machines service, maintenance and overhauling.

We provide total or partly overhauling, repair or modernisation of Die Casting machines. Mechanic, hydraulic, electric service and overhauling according to the costumers request. We already overhauled more than 50 machines in the last 10 years. We overhauled Idra, Bühler, Colosio, Corpet, Frech, Italpresse, OMS, Triulzi, TCS, THT, Vihorlat, Wiengarten, Wotan, Zitai from 200t up to 3000t.

We provide services for peripherals as well.

To minimalism the time and support our overhauling and servicing process we keep a stock for spare parts and we have a fully equipped machining workshop.

Main Activities:
  • Complete hydraulic service
  • Complete electric service
  • Complete mechanical service
  • Mobile milling
  • Partial overhauling (Closing unit, injection unit, central lubrication system)
  • Engineering and manufacturing special parts
  • Machine diagnostic (Tie-bar extension measuring, adjust parallelism, measuring injection parameters, Complete revision)
  • Diagnostic and repair manufacturing problems
  • Provide preventive maintenance service
  • Eventually urgent repairs

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